ISBN Syntactic Dependency Parser

A syntactic parser achieving state-of-the-art results on many languages. Latent variables are used to induce features appropriate for the language and grammar formalism. Results in the CoNLL 2007 shared task: (Entry: "Titov et al.") and in the CoNLL 2009 shared task (syntactic scores): (Entry: "Merlo")

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Unsupervised Semantic Role Labeling

The data (extracted argument signatures, our model predications and baseline predictions) and evaluation scripts are now available. The goal of this data is to facilitate the comparison between methods used for induction of semantic roles. The code for our model is available by request.

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Additional software is available by request.

Crosslingual Distributed Word Representations

Crosslingual representations of words (for several language pairs) can be downloaded here.

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Additional software (and data) is available by request.